Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

I am a person that needs to express herself in some creative way everyday. It is the way I approach life and probably the reason why boring tasks take me longer, I have to find a way to make them bearable perhaps daydream the whole time I am doing the thing I am trying not to think about. My husband encourages me to indulge my creative side as it makes life more enjoyable and therefore has a positive effect on those around me. He notes that I am happiest when I am knitting, crocheting, or some such thing.

Recently I have been exploring my artistic aspirations with yarn. My father inspired this blanket I crafted as a Christmas gift. These are the things that matter to him and I wanted to brighten his room as he spends his days now in a memory care unit for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.


I even signed my work. Hopefully this is a gentle suggestion to the staff to hand me Dad’s treasure if it requires laundering.


Dad and me in his room.


My assistant and quality control supervisor, Claude, overseeing the blocking phase of the project.


Trying my hand at a selfie one day when I was with Dad before he moved into assisted living.


Many people say they wish they were talented but just are not. I am not at all musically inclined but I know a good song when I hear one and can recognize when someone is out of tune for that matter. Creative pursuits serve a very practical purpose, they help us practice problem solving and other valuable skills which are necessary in daily life. Who is to say what good is. Find something creative that you can do and enjoy yourself. I promise I’ll try to learn how to deal with numbers, organization…all that stuff that others are so much better at then I am.



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